About me

Everybody calls me Dr. Dave.  I am a neurologist, currently on the Great American Road, having sold everything I own, bought an RV, and resolved to work just the right amount.  (In other words, I’m doing locums.  Have reflex hammer, will travel).

A few years ago, I earned an MBA.  Fat lot of good it did me, except to the extent it incentivized me to hold forth on matters relating to economics and policy.  A task I take on with a relish that is perhaps unwarranted, but something you might find mildly entertaining.

As for my medical background.  I trained at a program whose primary research interest is behavioral neurology.  This is the study of structure-function relationships in the brain as it pertains to human behavior.  Over the course of my career I have become interested in psychology and psychopharmacology.  With regard to the latter, I have also had some experience in the management of addictions; so I can claim at least some expertise as to the effect of both legal and illegal chemicals on the brain.

Moving forward, I expect to narrow my focus to healthcare economics and policy, but as a fan of all things complex I doubt I’ll be able to resist the temptation to wander off into such diverse topics as neuropsychoanalysis, game theory (poker in particular), or the neurological basis of spirituality.  And perhaps a word or two about cats.